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Hochwertige Zahnheilkunde

Dr Hubert Heindl & Dr Dirk Meyer-Juergens, » Rosenheim 2018

Social Commitments


The gold from fillings which our patients donated to the practice from the summer of 2010 until April 2012 yielded the incredible amount of € 17.068,90 !


Our practice team as well as the charity organization “dentists & friends” would like to thank our patients warmly on behalf of all those in need.

Dr Heindl and his wife were in Kenya from 18th June until 10th July 2011. They were working there for the welfare project “dentists & friends”. If you are interested in reading the report on this assignment, please let us know (info@zahnaerzte-rosenheim.de). We would be pleased to send you a copy.


Dr Heindl is showing the children at a kindergarten in South Africa how to clean their teeth properly. Ms Heindl takes on the “intensive course“ and practises daily for four weeks with these children not only how to clean their teeth but also steps in general hygiene.

All the children were examined and, if necessary, encouraged to go for treatment. Dr Heindl and his wife gave each child a toothbrush and a tooth mug as a present.
Megan, Dr and Mrs Heindl’s godchild, beams and is proud that she has, as one of the very few, no damage to her teeth whatever.
On his almost two year-long cycling tour from Tierra del Fuego to Alaska, Dr Dirk Meyer-Juergens collected money donations for “Médicins sans frontières” and made people aware of that organization’s worldwide commitment.

WorldVisionDr. Meyer-Juergens has been a sponsor of the organization for 10 years

Hilfsorganisation Ärzte ohne GrenzenFor many years we have been supporting “Médicins sans frontières”, Nobel award winner.


greenpeaceDr. Meyer-Juergens supports the environmental organization with 3% of his income.